Getting to Understand Direct Mail

This form of marketing communication has been around for quite a while. It involves developing a message targeted towards customers via their mail boxes it’s modern equivalent being email marketing.

This ageing form of communication has its place in today’s marketing communication mix. Many are now overlooking this method despite its higher response rate as opposed to that of its modern counterpart email marketing (visit Epsilon Research Centre for more up to date stats).

In a day where information is proliferated on practically every device, you’re better off grabbing attention using the good old paper. Think about it, what are the chances you’d open that letter versus the chances of reading a promotional email?

With variable data printing, direct mail’s relevance has now been increased with highly targeted promotions. This has been assisted with the advent of digital printing. This means, with appropriate data mining, you can craft promotions suited for particular segments of your target market e.g. have a promotional featuring ladies only and sent to ladies only. This creates a higher response rate for your promotion. You can appeal more by addressing your potential customer as an individual.

The half which goes to waste in advertising is now eliminated by measuring accurate results of this direct marketing tool. All costs can be tracked to the individual and return on investment calculated.

So why not try this tool and see it works for your marketing campaigns?

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