Importance of Blogging to your Website

Blogging is a term used quite often when discussing internet marketing and online presence. Before we delve into the intricacies surrounding this, it is first important to understand what the term means. In the early days of web technology, web developers and website owners often posted or updated information frequently. At this time, it was considered to be logging activity on a website. Since these logs were posted on web platforms, the term web log was coined, and this eventually morphed into the phrase blog. Today, blogging has become a way of life for many internet dwellers and is actually profitable for individuals or organisations that have specialized in it.

Every website owner has a specific message or array of messages that they would want to communicate to their online audiences. Posting this information is often referred to as blogging. For this to be effective, it should be implemented in a way that will encourage discussion around a particular topic. The website owner can also decide to allow outside contributors to a certain blog post. Using social media is important in maintaining this crucial engagement with targeted audiences and quite often, it is effective to post headlines or brief segments of a blog post, on social media then prompt internet users to visit your website for more information on the particular story. Doing this, serves two purposes. First, the post is exposed to a wider group of readers and the same also draws traffic from social media sites to your website.

The distinction between blogging and micro blogging also needs to be understood. Blogs allow a great deal of flexibility since they may include lengthy posts that span several pages. These posts can also include images, embedded video clips and all sorts of multimedia. It is important to note that blogging is not limited only to textual content and also encompasses video and audio posts. Micro blogging on the other hand allows only a limited amount of text; a good example is twitter, where there is a limit to how many characters can be typed. Whichever mode one chooses to use, it is vital to keep in mind that consistency always pays and therefore, relevant blog posts be made on a regular basis.

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