Characteristics (Features) of a Good Website

The World Wide Web at times seems like a colossal digital entity somewhere in the clouds, and this becomes more apparent as more users join every day, swelling the ranks of an online population that already numbers in the billions. However, it is important to remember that like many other massive creations of human ingenuity, it is composed of small basic blocks. These sub units are the websites that make up the entire system. It is therefore essential for a competitive website to have a certain appeal that makes it stand out among the many that exist.

Perhaps the most important feature is User Friendliness, a concept that takes into consideration that ordinary internet users should not find the website hard to use or navigate. If this is not well taken care of, persons that access the site may be put off. Ease of use also goes hand in hand with having a consistent and appealing design. Having a website that is visually appealing doesn’t hurt.

Every website relies on good interaction between pages that make it up; this connectivity is often achieved by the use of hyperlinks. It is important to ensure that these links, however may, are all functional. The so called dead links should be avoided at all costs. A website, without adequate and relevant content, is basically an empty shell, however good looking. Having quality and up to date content is one of the major aspects of a good website. This content also has to be written in a way that is Search engine friendly (Search engine optimisation). Original content is also essential since the authoritativeness and authenticity of web content, contributes to favourable ranking in search engine result pages.

Few things are as irritating as a web page that constantly spews out incomprehensible error messages to an unsuspecting user. Before any site is launched, thorough testing and evaluation has to be done to ensure that all pages are functional and error free. Presently, there are a variety of platforms that are used to display web pages, these include mobile, tablets and many others. Due to this, a good website also needs to have high compatibility with commonly used browsers.

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