Demystifying Email Marketing Terms

\The single most influential tool on the internet today, has to be email and online mail services. For most, it represents a mode of communication that is indispensable in day to day living, for others, the social, the professional and the personal converge in this information repository. Email communication is also one of the most direct ways of targeting potential clients and is also one of the major internet marketing strategies available today. This makes it quite important to learn and recognise common jargon used with respect to this.

Most email marketing revolves around a Mailing list; simply described this is quite literary a list of email contact belonging to organisations or individuals who are considered to be primary targets for marketing campaigns. Some lists can be quite long having up to several thousand addresses, making them valuable assets in the industry. List purchase and List rental are two mechanisms that allow these mailing lists to be bought off or leased for a particular marketing campaign. It is also important to understand the concepts of Blacklists and whitelists. The former term is quite infamous, and refers to a group of IP addresses deemed to be sending out spam (undesired mail) and are therefore ignored or blocked. A white list is the exact opposite and contains those addresses that are considered acceptable.

A common way of accumulating a mailing list is through Subscriptions where visitors to your website willingly chose to join the list. This is also referred to as an Opt-in service, the opposite of which is to Opt-out or to Unsubscribe from a mailing list. Once a substantial mailing list is accumulated, a marketer can then mass mail all the contacts simultaneously, at times, this is also referred to as an email blast. Most of these emails contain a directive, in form of a link which the recipient is supposed to follow. The links leads to what is referred to as a Landing Page. Here the email recipient either gets more information or is presented with an array of products or services, as intended by the marketer. The entire process comes with quite a number of benefits, as described in Advantages of Email Marketing.

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