Advantages of Email Marketing

On most online spaces today, there is much discussion surrounding email marketing and the immense benefits that it presents. Here we shall have a look at some of the uses and advantages of this marketing technique. It is impossible to understate the ability to reach a mass potential market simply by sending relevant mail to the relevant persons. Traditional marketing strategies, although still effective and widely used, tend to cost quite a bit. The use of mass media, mainstream publications such as direct mail or outdoor advertising is a rather costly affair and is quite a struggle especially for start-ups or business entities that lack the financial muscle. On the contrary, email marketing tends to be more affordable and less capital intensive. It mostly involves effective gathering of relevant contacts after which, regular campaigns can be broadcast to these particular connections. This process also carries with it a significant amount of simplicity.

Considering that this strategy uses the internet as its major platform, there is a wider reach since this platform allows borderless interactions spanning the entire globe. This ultimately increases the chances of making sales. It is also possible to apply a more personalised approach using email marketing since the marketer can tailor make a particular campaign to suit a particular audience, this brings with it a great deal of flexibility. The use of a multiple variety of multimedia tools is conceivable with email marketing. It is possible to use colourful graphics, catchy videos and even audio, to make the campaign more appealing. This makes email marketing more interactive and 9subsequently, more effective.

There are also quite a number of tools and techniques for tracking the performance or influence of particular email marketing campaigns. This progress can also be quantified by monitoring the number of conversions or sales made as a result of particular campaigns. This trackable and quantifiable aspect creates an obvious advantage. In order for email marketing to be successful, it is important to ensure honesty and relevance as opposed to an aggressive approach of mass emailing. Another major advantage is that the targeted audience is given an option of receiving certain information in what is referred to as an Opt in or Subscribe Option; this creates an improved rapport between the marketer and the targeted market since there is always the option of unsubscribing.

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