Four Ways you could use your Business Cards to Increase Sales Leads

Business cards can be used for more than just leaving your contact with your new potential client. We’ve compiled some more imaginative uses you could put your business cards to.

  • Use your business card as a discount card. This is one of the surest ways to ensure your business card is not piled among others. The card could be used to persuade a sale by printing a special version with a discount on it. At the back you could have it say “present this card and get an instant 10% discount”. Of course you should then change it for a normal one when presented.
  • Use your cards as an entry for contests. Getting contacts is valuable especially in tradeshows and other company events. The idea here is to collect contact information by enticing participants with prizes. You can then use all information collected to carry out targeted campaigns through email marketing for example.
  • Create a fill-in-the-blanks business card. Okay, this might seem a little stretched in this day and information age. But if you’re at a high-end meeting where it would be unprofessional to use a phone, why not have cards with blank spaces just in case you meet someone who doesn’t have their cards with them? This way you can fill in vital data, besides you can add details such as what they do.
  • Save Costs. With smartphones all over, why not print a card with a QR code? All smartphones with cameras can download free QR code readers from the net and this would be a convenient way to save your business card-in softcopy. Use this with caution though. Chances of being forgotten in the phone book might be higher.

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