Marketing – A Necessary Evil

Most firms, and thereby their marketing departments, operate on a consumerism policy. While it is good to sell, hardly is it enough to sell without making a reputation and a promising clientele. Marketing departments are laboured with finding the right combination of appeal to sell the firm’s products.

In a society where advertising avenues have been increased in scope, marketing boards have more channels to reach out to their specific audience.  A lot of money is invested in putting together an advertisement. How much it returns is relative concept, however.  It is notably an interesting theory of how some advertisements do nothing to the sales while in essence their need was to raise them. Is it that the advertisement was bad or the audience was rigid? Maybe both or maybe it was too much for the consumers to conceptualize.

You want to sell? Make the advertisement believable! Give the consumer a reason to need the product, to want it and to eventually buy it. David Ogilvy, a marketing guru, said that the consumer is not a moron. Advertising then should give room for the audience to match a product and their need for it. It makes no sense to lure a consumer into buying a product then having them curse at their impulse buying. It goes beyond being creative but is limited to being interesting enough to get it bought. Ogilvy was not wrong when he said that advertising should not bore people while they take notice of unclear messages. When you thirst for water, you get a glass of water. When you desire to advertise, get straight to the point. Have not your audience forget what you were advertising.

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