Digital Printing: Variable Data Printing

Digital printing is able to achieve far much more than offset printing in terms of customisation of the marketing message. This has aided in highly targeted marketing in various segments that results in better response rates as opposed to mass advertising.

Variable data printing is synonymous with one-to-one marketing communication. This involves extensive data mining and goes further than just addressing each customer by name. Through mining of data, it is possible to come up with customised offerings for each customer. Through use of software, the customised offering plus the base content for each document is combined and reproduced. Advances have been made to enable reproduction of different graphics for each particular target market or individual.

The best source of data is your current customer database. This is because they present one with patterns based on past actual interactions with customers. They are also the easiest to introduce to your new products and services. The purpose of the data mining is to create profiles for segments so as to customise a message for each segment.

Personalisation needs to go beyond print and further into web which gives rise to the need for landing pages. This is a major challenge with marketing communication in Kenya. Even when printed in mass, a campaign normally lacks a unique landing page for the new offering. More information should truly lead a customer to more information and not just your main homepage.

If your brand needs to communicate personally to its target market, then variable data printing is definitely the place to begin.

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