What Is Digital Marketing?

It is currently quite difficult for marketers to avoid the term Digital Marketing, a phrase that is commonly used to describe the contemporary and more internet based way of pushing sales. In retrospect, this term has been in use since the early 1990’s but recently, it has acquired a more intricate and sophisticated meaning. Digital marketing is also widely referred to as internet or Online Marketing and mostly involves the use of computerized platforms, like smartphones, websites, games, tablet computers, et cetera. The use of social platforms like Facebook and twitter, has also become indispensable and has been designated the term Social Media Marketing.

Although there is a wide array of digital marketing tools and platforms, two basic concepts are used by most professional digital and online marketing agencies. This kind of marketing is divided into two main strategies, i.e. push and pull digital marketing. The former mostly relies on actively seeking the attention of potential clients. This is often done by placing adverts on web pages, blogging, news and other web feeds about new products, text and email broadcasts. Perhaps one of the most popular push strategies is Email Marketing. The Pull digital marketing strategy relies on the urge of potential clients to seek out for desired products and services. Here, online users commonly rely on search engines like Google and Yahoo, to find what they need. It is therefore the marketer’s task to make sure that what they are selling is easily found on online spaces. The common tool used for this is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content marketing.

It is now becoming very uncommon for serious enterprises to lack an online marketing strategy. However, those that lack these essential tools, probably have no idea where to get quality service. In Kenya for example, most of these agencies are around the Nairobi area, but the urgency and demand has driven visionary enterprises like Mintto deliver Fresh Digital Marketing Solutions to the larger East African Region.

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